ExakTime’s new SiteHub: Every job site, every detail, from anywhere

SiteHub, a new feature available on ExakTime Mobile, gives supervisors an at-a-glance overview of activity as it’s happening at a given job site.

Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, this new feature offers real-time, detailed information about the job site you’re on, or any other site you choose, as well as helpful maps and updates pertaining to the area.

“SiteHub is designed to answer the question ‘What’s going on at my jobsite?’” said ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas. “You can only be in one place at one time, but managers often need to know what’s going on everywhere. Now with SiteHub, they can.’”

Using GPS, SiteHub automatically selects the job site closest to the user’s location—with the option of choosing another site to view.

SiteHub’s live feed shows clock-ins and clock-outs as they occur, as well as the stream of Field Notes, expense information, site photos, form data, and any other updates pertaining to the site as they are created.

Along with the live feed, SiteHub displays a list of employees who are on site, a weather report that includes National Weather Service alerts for that area, and a map pinpointing the site location and offering directions there or to another address. You can also see the hourly labor expense for the site, updated as employees clock in and out.

“SiteHub is a feature meant for supervisors, or any authorized Exaktime Mobile users,” added Pappas. “Giving the right people a bird’s-eye view of the activity and conditions at the site is critical to effective workforce management. It’s amazing to see the buzz of activity at a site and to be able to address concerns as they occur, or just relax knowing that all is well.”

SiteHub will be made available to all users of ExakTime Mobile at no additional cost. An update to ExakTime Mobile that includes SiteHub can be downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes app stores the first week in February, 2015.

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