Innovation! This is what ForeFront Product Design has brought to the concrete industry by introducing the first intelligent compressed air spray system, the Green Gorilla ProLine series of hand held sprayers. The system incorporates Smart Pressure Technology (SPT) to intelligently control the tank pressure. This allows the concrete professional to precisely and evenly control application of dyes, sealers, mold and form releases.

With precision control, the delivery of your product is even and consistent from the minute you begin spraying until the minute you stop without ever having to manually pump. This also ensures the maximum effective use of your mold and form releases as well as provides even distribution of dyes and sealers for a quality finish. In addition, the elimination of manual pumping allows faster completion of jobs, thereby increasing profits by reducing labor costs. The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion Power Pack that allows for a full day of spraying on a single charge.

All ProLine systems arehighly chemical resistant and since the Power Pack compresses the air instead of pumping fluid directly there is no risk of clogging or contamination of the Power Pack itself. Our full line of completely automated sprayers will improve your bottom line and quality on every job.

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