For many jobsites that require concrete demolition work, a breaker hammer needs to be on hand. The Bosch GSH27-26 Brute Turbo is the world’s first breaker hammer with GPS tracking that makes sure managers know where this powerful tool is at all times.

The Bosch GPS device on the Brute Turbo offers always-on location tracking. The device works for months at a time because it is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that recharges automatically every time the breaker hammer is plugged in. In addition, the tracking device can notify a user about various activities, including non-working hour activation, non authorized location use. Users will be notified about these actions via cellular network on their smart phone.

The tracking feature, which reverts to cellular network coverage when GPS is not available, can be managed through the free Bosch GPS tracking app (available for iOS® and Android™). The app can be found online at the Apple App Store® or the Google Play Store. During the first twelve months of ownership the tracking service is free; after the initial one year period the service will cost $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

The Bosch GSH27-62 Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer with GPS Tracking offers an outstanding concrete removal rate, yet weighs only 64 pounds. With 1,000 bpm and 43 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy, this versatile heavy-duty tool can tackle applications that range from outdoor asphalt work to indoor foundation removal. The breaker hammer doesn’t require a compressor because it can be powered by a 115/120V AC/DC 15-amp outlet or a 2,500-watt portable generator.

The breaker hammer’s custom cart doubles as a hammer hauler and a hand truck. Truck rails allow the cart to be raised or lowered easily from a truck; solid foam tires provide jobsite maneuverability without risk of flats. Grommets prevent accessories from falling out in transit. The Brute Turbo’s powerful impact energy improves performance, yet doesn’t affect overall durability. Category-leading motor efficiency, minimal energy loss in the seals, heavy-duty springs and fasteners, and a rugged spring dampening system offer users a tool that’s built for power, but doesn’t forget user comfort. The Bosch Service Minder™ Brush System shuts the tool off when brush replacement, lubrication or preventative maintenance is needed and a grease packed gearbox and hammer mechanism eliminate any potential contamination caused by jobsite lubrication.

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