The Hi-Tech Power Shaver 2016 is a cordless ride along machine that is designed to rapidly and smoothly shave joint fillers flush to warehouse floors. Concrete floor control joints are overfilled with polyurea and then shaved flush manually which is very strenuous. Some contractors rig shavers on other equipment but this machine is designed specifically for this job. The operator effortlessly rides along on the chariot and pops wheelies over the joint intersections to avoid breaking the razor blade. The intersections are later done by hand but even so, the labor savings is tremendous.

When designing this machine, it became apparent that a reverse would be a life saver as sooner or later joints abut a wall or equipment. Reversing is easy to do by flipping a switch, pushing down on the handles, and backing up into position for the next area.

The machine has 2 large non-marring wheels, an 8” head for the razor that swivels and can easily be rotated to use the other side of the blade. This is always done when shaving by hand in order to maintain a sharp cutting edge. There is plenty of head weight to keep the blade cutting rather than floating above the surface of the floor. The swivel action aids when there are uneven surfaces.  The chariot has 2 solid non-marring casters with sturdy steel fenders and an equally sturdy mesh platform. The handles to the machine are wide and comfortable to hold with padded handles. The gearing, motor and drive offer plenty of torque and plenty of speed.  This shaver is battery operated with quick disconnects and an easy to use throttle control. A heavy duty protective cover keeps the internals of the machine free of dirt and debris. The motor and gearing offer the proper torque and speed to be able to cut the toughest fillers at a clean and rapid pace.

Major benefits are labor savings and the smooth consistent surface of the shaved polyurea. When shaving by hand, it becomes tiring and then workers tend to jab or glide over the top. Both of these cause unsightly finished surfaces which is resolved when using the power shaver. The cordless and quiet function of the battery power system means there are no power cords needing outlets and the machine is not noisy and bothersome to others near the working area or to the operator. The battery has quick disconnects so it can easily be plugged into the attached charger. A twist lever has been added to hold the machine up enough to be able to use two hands when changing the razor blades.  The cover envelopes all moving parts for a safe working experience.

All in all, this rugged machine is a one of a kind that will benefit most floor caulking contractors by enabling their crews to focus more time on other facets of their jobs.

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