Keeping the jobsite clean, maintaining a constant pressurized water supply, and disposing of slurry are time consuming. It’s estimated that professionals spend almost an hour per day suppling water and cleaning slurry while diamond coring. The introduction of the DD-WMS 100 Water Management System makes these tasks a thing of the past.

Large wheels and convenient handle make it easy to transport and move around the jobsite. Just fill the water tank and be ready to start coring when you arrive on the jobsite. Water is recycled up to 7 times inside the tank, which is equivalent to about 30 gallons of continuous water supply. During coring, slurry is captured in the filter bag. Once the bag is full, it’s extremely easy to remove the disposable filter bag.

You get a full day of water autonomy from four gallons of water thanks to the recycling mode which means you can drill for a full day on a typical jobsite with just one load of water and the slurry is taken care of while you drill.

The Hilti DD-WMS 100 water management system has three working modes.

Supply and Recycle mode
The unique multi-layer filer bags of the DD-WMS are especially designed for collecting slurry, which allows cleaner water to pass through the system. This means the water in the tank can be re-used for your diamond drilling applications up to 7 times, giving you a constant pressurized water supply to get the job done. Virtually all water and slurry are captured at the point of drilling, meaning there’s no mess to clean-up afterwards.

Water supply mode
The DD-WMS can be switched to water supply mode whereby the water tank provides a steady supply of pressurized water for your diamond drilling applications. Perfect for remote site locations where a main pressurized water supply may not be accessible.

Vacuum cleaning mode
We know there’s water and slurry during other applications so you can switch the DD-WMS to vacuum mode and its powerful suction will quickly take care of the final cleaning.

The DD-WMS 100 is designed to work with will all Hilti diamond drilling rigs including the DD EC-1, DD 110-W, DD 120, DD 150-U, DD 160, DD 250, DD 350 and DD 500. Whether you require a hand-held or rig based drill for need light or heavy-duty drilling, when these core drills are combined with the DD-WMS 100 you should expect to see increased productivity and a cleaner jobsite.

The Hilti DD-WMS 100 Water management system as well as all Hilti diamond core drills are backed by Hilti Tool Warranty 20/2/1 — 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; 2 years no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs*

*Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

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