Because Jagclamp works on all size blocks and bricks, they eliminate the need for all the other line stretchers, line blocks and twigs a mason must carry in their bag. They attach and changes courses in seconds, reducing costly downtime and increase production. Every minute saved, is a few more block or brick on the wall. This will increase production, therefore increase profits. Jagclamp works on specific blocks that normal stretchers do not such as Split face and L Blocks.

Jagclamp is also much safer than stretchers, blocks and twigs. Ask any mason who has been hit by a flying line block if it hurts? A wood block pulled across a long wall will fly though a piece of plywood if let go. Imagine this hitting someone in the face, ribs, legs. Jagclamp securely grips to the block and will not pull loose. You will break the string or pull the block of the wall before it will let go. But, one quick loop and it's loose and ready to move up.

Jagclamp will replace the old tired ways, and will become the tool of choice not only for masons but for any job requiring a string line or clamping something down. If you need to square a corner using string for a deck, form boards for concrete footings, hang a fence, install cable, hold up a painting, hold lead poles to a wall, hang a tarp in the winter, close a bag of chips.

Who Benefits:

Contractors will benefit because workers go home safe, accident free. They reduce downtime and increase production. Mason's benefit by reducing all the unnecessary, slow and dangerous tools from the bag, saving over $100.

Retailers benefit because most don't carry line stretchers in their stores. There are too many sizes and they don't sell a lot, so shelf space is not available. Jagclamp would only require 1 hook to hang. Any mason coming to buy a trowel, tuck pointer, etc., now has to go to another store or online to buy line stretchers. This could draw them away from the retailer for future purchases since they can get everything they need somewhere else. Now, they buy Jagclamp and remain a customer. Also, since the store doesn’t sell line stretchers anyways, they are not concerned about losing sales for comparable items.

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