LiteForm Xtreme Bond Composite Wall Panels are a ground-breaking patent pending insulated concrete sandwich panel system for tilt-up and pre-cast construction. LiteForm XB insulation system provides a range of choice in thickness of the panels to deliver a highly efficient building insulation envelope. This approach offers an uninterrupted R-value of 10 to more than 70, depending on the needs of the customer.

LiteForm Technologies has a unique process of manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Rigid Foam which creates a composite action between LiteForm XB and concrete for extreme and truly revolutionary bonding performance. This new system allows for remarkable continuous insulated concrete sandwich wall designs.

LiteForm XB wall and roof kits ship directly to the jobsite organized and numbered for ease of assembly. The foam planks are very light weight and can be assembled and stack cast on site. Smaller cranes are often used reducing costs, and ease of scheduling. LiteForm XB panels can be quickly customized to incorporate custom block outs and openings. Wall panels can be designed as a one-sided or two-sided concrete panel. Either design uses a patent pending radical process to create a direct bond of EPS which then creates a stronger, more durable wall with less cracking and delamination. LiteForm XB panels are typically wider and taller reducing the overall number of panels to erect as well as panel-to-panel connections diminishing opportunity for air and water infiltration.

LiteForm Xtreme Bond panels deliver edge to edge insulation, eliminating energy loss around doors and windows and can also easily be adjusted to keep up with changing energy codes. LiteForm XB has superior dimensional stability, is moisture and mold resistant and will not rot, deteriorate or degrade over time, assuring the structure remains tight and sustains energy efficiency.

Non-conductive, non-corrosive pins also contribute to the bonding process acting solely as an insurance policy for two-sided concrete structures. Our panels are load-bearing, removing perimeter columns and roof beams which also contributes to cost savings.

LiteForm XB panels are typically assembled onsite or at a pre-casting operation and are extremely lightweight, providing for faster cure times, speeding up the construction and erection process to further reduce time and expense. The result is a fully insulated concrete panel with superior thermal performance that will reduce the heating and cooling peaks and lows. Less heat and air conditioning will be required for your LiteForm XB building and smaller, less costly mechanical systems can often be used.

LiteForm has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and design of highly efficient insulating concrete form (ICF) systems for over 30-years. In addition to LiteForm XB panels, the LiteForm family of products include FlexxBlock Insulating Concrete Forms, FlexxBoard25, and LiteDeck. Solid concrete alternatives for floor, roof and deck applications in residential, commercial and safety structure projects.

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