Nomaco’s new Nomaflex Cutter works with the increasingly popular Nomaflex joint filler planks and sheets to create a complete system for concrete installation. Nomaflex Cutter is a scoring tool that enables concrete installers to trim Nomaflex joint filler on the job site to create a void when sealant is required.

This easy-to-use tool eliminates the additional material costs of a void cap system, potentially saving as much as 50% of the material costs for a job. Plus, Nomaflex joint filler is an inherent bond-breaker, so no additional bond breaker is required.

During installation, installers simply: 1. Align the Nomaflex joint filler in the Cutter’s convenient guidelines and pull the Nomaflex Cutter to score the joint filler, creating a half-inch tear strip across the top of the product 2. Install the scored joint filler before pouring concrete (can be used as a form or filler) 3. Pour concrete as normal and allow it to set 4. Pull the strip off and apply sealant.

Since no void-cap system is needed when using the Cutter, the scored Nomaflex joint filler remains flexible and can easily fit around curves and radii. The tear-off strip remains attached until the installer removes it.

The Nomaflex Cutter is available in three sizes (1/2”, ¾” and 1”) to fit the various thicknesses of Nomaflex joint filler planks. Reusable and convenient, the Nomaflex Cutter saves installers time, labor and material costs.

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