The NoteVault platform uses the best of cloud and mobile technology to deliver powerful construction reporting for field and office staff in the architectural, engineering and construction industry. NoteVault’s live reporting system enables teams to communicate, collaborate and escalate issues on any project, helping to keep team members and projects on track and on budget.

NoteVault saves AEC firms time and money, while protecting against potential lawsuits. Field staff members save an hour a day while providing a professional daily report to office staff and other project key stakeholders. NoteVault’s cloud-based solution allows owners, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors to all post or speak their project notes directly from the project site or any location in near real-time. All detail is geo- and time-stamped. This enables companies to manage projects more efficiently, as well as retain comprehensive daily project reports, which can protect their company from claims years later. Audio notes transcribed by construction professionals ensure immediate notification of issues, with accurate, professional reports delivered daily.

NoteVault solves common construction management challenges faced by AEC professionals. In a survey conducted for NoteVault’s 2017 State of the Construction Industry Report, we learned:

  • 61% of non-NoteVault users report take an hour or longer each day to complete reports, compared to only 37% of NoteVault users
  • NoteVault users rate their construction management technology as 15% more effective than non-NoteVault users
  • 8 out of 10 people surveyed in our '17 State of Construction Industry report mentioned they struggle with documents, notes, and photos on the job site
  • More than half of those surveyed stated they deal with difficulties in generating reports because of language barriers

With NoteVault’s Human Transcription service, your audio records are transcribed into clear, accurate text. Our construction-trained team captures job-specific terms, technical industry language, and acronyms, and can translate from multiple languages into English. This means your editing time is down to near zero. By speaking instead of writing notes, workers can capture 10 times more information, ensuring richer detail is captured, and promoting reporting throughout the day versus just once.

NoteVault’s Keyword Notification service ensures critical information is not missed. As notes are posted containing identified keywords or phrases, NoteVault immediately sends notifications to relevant stakeholders. The service enables your team to never miscommunicate a delay, RFI, back charge, or change order ever again.

Ultimately, NoteVault understands the construction industry and delivers with its technology, as the mobile environment in construction continues to change. NoteVault protects customers ranging from small independents to large ENR enterprise firms by helping them to document everything as it happens on the jobsite.

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