• The normal process for installing a cove base system involves contractors purchasing pre-cut cove base pieces, transporting them to the job and installing them, cutting and shaving the pieces as needed to get them to fit.

    With FormCove, the material is mixed and installed on-site by the contractor in a process that is simple and fast, using materials that cost less than half the price of a traditional system, resulting in a high quality, totally customized, seamless cove base. Developed with advanced chemistry and rigorous quality control and testing, FormCove is a plural component urethane product that, when mixed with dry silica sand can be shaped and spread easily with a cove trowel.

    Benefits of this transformative technology include:

    Fast installation: One installer with a cove trowel can finish a project in a third of the time needed for other systems.

  • Long pot life: With an exceptionally long pot life (ten minutes), the installer can mix up large batches and complete hundreds of linear feet in a matter of minutes.
  • Easy to use: The 1:1 ratio is easy to mix and creates a flexible, workable material designed for ease of application with no need for messy glues or caulking to clean up. This system eliminates the need to purchase pre-cut materials that then need to be cut and shaved to fit the space.
  • Economical: The material is half the price of other cove systems. This savings, combined with faster installation makes it substantially more cost-effective.
  • Versatility: This system can be used on uneven walls and can fix vertical imperfections. The flexible material will conform to it all and leave a smooth transition.
  • Quick cure: Final cure time is only 15 minutes, dramatically minimizing down time between applying the cove and applying the basecoat, and eliminating the need for multi-day installs. A coating, if used, can be applied in 30 minutes.
  • Seamless application: The unique chemistry allows for it to pack tightly together, eliminating pinholes in the cove or gaps between the wall and the floor. and creates a totally seamless transition around the perimeter, including the corners, with no joints or gaps.
  • Provides a seal between floor and wall: Once installed, this cove base serves as an effective seal between the floor and the wall, an attribute that can contribute to the long term durability of the floor coating and cove system. Additionally, this seal and can be attractive to customers from a maintenance and cleaning standpoint.
  • Custom finish: No need to purchase any pre-made cove base and corner pieces and try to make them work for the space. With this material, the installer is able to create a perfectly tailored installation every time. Because it is cove trowel-controlled, it can accommodate any size radius.

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