Procore offers the most comprehensive construction platform, combining drawing, financial and quality management into your hands with a mobile solution that keeps everyone in sync. Build collaboration from bidding to closeout with unlimited users, implementation assistance, online training, and unmatched customer support.

This year, Procore launched Construction OS and introduced three product lines: Project Management, Financials and Quality & Safety. Construction OS is a cohesive platform built to connect every application, person and device. It provides a universal data source to deliver actionable insights from all of your business data. Securely store, manage, access and share information, all on a system built for construction.

Procore cloud-based construction project management software saves time and money. It is easy-to-use, affordably prices for large or small project teams, and available from any Internet-connected device. The software keeps job schedules accurate and up-to-date, manages requests-for-information (RFIs), and organizes team communications. The software coordinates change orders and punch lists, stores project documents and photos, and makes it simple to keep accurate daily logs. It gives you the ability to manage every project in a single, secure cloud-based portal.

With Procore, sharing the current set of plans in easy. Document permission settings allow users to only see the information they need. Organize photos with custom categories. Keep as many photos as you like in Procore’s project archive. The software integrates with most scheduling tools. Construction teams can use the tools they already know to create and edit project schedules. It allows construction teams instant access to the latest changes by keeping project schedules in the cloud. Authorized users are able to view job cost information from their accounting system and to push items to accounting such as commitments and change orders. Procore offers the one-stop-shop for all construction project management needs.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Procore is the world’s number one most widely used construction management software. Tens of thousands of projects around the world, and an ever-growing user community experiencing over 100% growth year over year, Procore is the backbone of billions of dollars worth of construction.

Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation—ultimately boosting profits. Procore enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects from any Internet-connected device with access to all project documents including contracts, RFIs, submittals, schedules, drawings, and more. Construction’s Leading Mobile Application Whether your team uses an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, Procore’s mobile apps connect you anywhere, at any time. Review, create, edit, and share actionable project data with team members from any location and work offline without an Internet connection.

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