• iQ is the first ever industry solution that intelligently show’s producers the batching performance of plants in one powerful, real-time work-center. iQ’s innovations enable producers to swiftly identify best practices and high risk-areas that are leaking money, laying out a roadmap for improvement.

    Benchmarking: In real-time, iQ uses a patent-pending method to interpret plants’ batching variability in terms of strength performance. For the first time, this statistical approach makes it possible to evaluate performance consistency, the strongest indicator of batching success, as a simple metric. iQ compares this consistency metric across plants to identify the benchmark plant, the one shipping products with the most consistent strength performance. iQ then ranks the other plants against this benchmark to show how each is performing vs. the best practice that the producer is already achieving (the benchmark plant). Producers regard iQ’s benchmarking as “breakthrough:” it uniquely empowers them to leverage their best batching practices into the standard across operations.

    ASTM Rankings: iQ’s dynamic within-tolerances evaluation tools allow producers to assess their batching performance vs ASTM standards in real-time. Producers can now drive performance to the required standards, and for the first-time ever market ASTM certified batching levels to end-customers.

    *The ASTM and Benchmark capabilities uniquely position iQ to compare and rank across producers in the US, creating an objective “producer ASTM index.” This initiative will be further explored in 2015 with NRMCA and select producers.

    Cost KPIs: iQ’s KPIs uniquely provide a simple set of numbers to identify high-risk areas of dollar exposure, allowing management to track and compare across business units and periods. iQ’s flexible tools allow producers to drill down from KPIs to specific regions, plants, or batches at any given time to redress. Examples:

    The KPI “Batching Risk Cost” is assigned per plant and indicates how much money a producer would stop losing (in mix overdesign and batch inconsistency costs) if that plant’s performance was improved to the benchmark level.

  • The “cementitious wastage” KPIs allow producers to see the real-time cost of cementitious over-batching, essentially telling producers how much money they are leaking from wasting materials.

Water Management: Water is notoriously a highly variable and unmanaged part of batching. iQ creates a real-time transparency that enables producers to set and achieve water management policies and protocols. The “Wet Batches” metric measures the % of batches that have over-batched water vs. the mix design; this crucially innovative metric enables producers to predict poor loads that will likely be rejected. iQ’s water and trim water real-time charted profiles allow producers to assess plant batching vs. mix designs across time periods to reveal trimming patterns and what the batchman is doing on a per case basis.


mGauge brings real-time transparency of batching activity both to management and to batchmen. The sleek mobile interface uniquely reveals to batchmen how they are batching versus the mix, allowing them to troubleshoot issues as they happen. Importantly, the app shows accuracy per material and relative plant rankings, encouraging competition and further driving success.

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