Ramset-I-F insulation fastening system is faster than stick pins, safer than gun powder, and versatile enough to four different building substrates. That is what you are getting with this new, innovative continuous insulation fastening system. Ramset-I-F is four times faster than traditional stick pin installation methods allowing the installer to attach insulation in one simple step without using adhesives or cutting spindle insulation anchors. Unlike gun-powder systems, with Ramset-I-F, you will have much lower operator fatigue because there is less recoil. And with the ability to shoot 1000 shots before needing to refuel, crews have less downtime due to the cleaning and re-loading that comes with using gun powder.

The versatility of this system allows the user to fasten the insulation directly to solid masonry, hollow concrete block, wood, and even steel studs. These fasteners also allow you to install a wide range of insulation thicknesses to fit every application, from 1” through 6”. While speed and safety are tops for the contractor, this product has something in it for the architect as well by boasting a 99.5% thermal efficiency, a 4-9% increase over that of stick pins, ultimately this efficiency saves the building owner money in their heating and cooling costs.

The proprietary fasteners that come with the Ramset-I-F system provides over 100 lbs. of ultimate tension capacity to attach insulation like Rockwool, Expanded Polystyrene, Extruded Polystyrene, and fiber glass insulations.  

For Nirav Sapra, project manager for Lakemoor, an Illinois based Master Design Build company who was working project at the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA), a military facility on the Mississippi River, by using the Ramset-I-F System, his crew completed the assignment to fasten 2” insulation to military grade reinforced concrete 70% faster than he originally anticipated. “Using I-F was a life saver,” he said.  “I originally calculated it would take two of my guys six weeks to complete the work, given the complexity of what was involved.  As it turned out, one guy did everything in just two weeks.  It was absolutely crazy.”

With this new and exciting fastening system, Ramset-I-F has changed the way insulation is installed and has created an innovative product that installs in one easy step. What makes this product so innovative is the combination of its speed and ease of use benefiting contractors and its improved thermal efficiency benefiting building owners and designers. For years, contractors have been using methods that take days at a time to install insulation and with the Ramset-I-F system, installers are able install sheets of insulation in minutes. For years, building designers have been required to design insulation attachment that punches holes in the insulation and reduces its R-value. Not anymore, the Ramset-I-F insulation fastening system solves both problems.

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