What makes this tool innovative is the fact that it interchanges between all your walking tools as fast as an extension pole goes in and out of tools. Just click it in and out of whatever walking tool you feel like adding vibration to. Vibration on a bull float gets the rocks down and cream on the surface much easier and faster, it also levels the surface. Click the tool into your jointer and make the smoothest joint with 1 pass. Click it into your edge tool and bring that cream right back. Color hardener works into the surface much faster and easier than trying to do it with no vibration. We have a fast clamp bracket that literally attaches the Rattle Stick to anything. You can clamp it to aluminum and wood screeds, curbing and countertop darby's and other smaller hand tools, box forms, guaging rakes, pretty much anything. We are discovering new applications at every trade show. It's battery last's for 2.5 to 3 hrs on a charge. It's replaceable so you can have a back up battery ready to go on a bigger pour. The Rattle Stick is a precision tool 99% AMERICAN made and machined from aluminum that weighs in at a bit over 4lbs making it the lightest most adaptable vibrating tool on the market.

Rattle Stick
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