The Scientific Concrete Polishing System was developed to provide a clear and simple system that contractors can easily adopt, Architects can measure, and owners can trust for their concrete slabs across the world.

Our approach to polished concrete is to develop systems that can be measured, quantified and reproduced with simple systems and simple science so the contractors we support can confidently go out and educate their clients and their crews to develop repeatable systems and produce consistent results.

Scientific Concrete Polishing System is a wet polishing process using patented Silica based nano technology. It enables contractors to produce consistent results with less labor by measuring slab refinement rather than gloss. With exact measurements down to one millionth of an inch contractors can use only the steps that are need. This enables contractors to stop chasing scratches and know scientifically when a slab is refined.

Guaranteed Floor Hardening Chemical Reaction. No money or time wasted with high pH, free lime dependent products.

Reach maximum refinement faster and easier while creating superior floors that outlast competing flooring systems. Lower labor and inventory costs, raise profits, and build your reputation on long lasting, high performance floors.

Protect your employees while avoiding OSHA’s Silica fines. Our dustless refinement process is performed wet to maintain clean air and a safe jobsite.

No surprises, always predictable results. No reactive metals that cause unexpected yellowing or whitening, saving you from redundant, profit-sucking labor.

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