Four new machines feature a “maintenance-free” Tier 4 Final particulate matter catalyst solution.

CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new F-Series line of compact wheel loaders — the 21F, 121F, 221F and 321F — completely redesigned to provide improved maneuverability, versatility and performance. The new F Series compact wheel loaders feature CASE’s proven “maintenance-free” Tier 4 Final particulate matter catalyst solution, and offer a more compact design while simultaneously increasing breakout force and lift capacity compared to previous models. The new 21F is rated at 58 horsepower; the 121F is rated at 64 horsepower, while the 221F and 321F are both rated at 74 horsepower.

Ideal for work in general construction, landscaping and supply yards, compact wheel loaders pick up where skid steers leave off in lift capacity, ground clearance, cab height/visibility and application versatility. The new 21F, 121F, 221F and 321F models feature increased attachment compatibility, exclusive new electronic controls for boom and bucket functions, and added cab comfort features to improve machine performance and reduce operator fatigue. The two smaller units, the 21F and 121F, are available in two separate loader arm designs – a z-bar model for greater breakout force when using buckets and similar attachments, and a parallel lift arm for improved stability and balance when using forks and other lifting attachments for loading and transportation.

Compact Design Improves Maneuverability and Transport With a 4- to 6-inch shorter wheelbase, depending on the model, the new F-Series compact wheel loaders provide a smaller turn-radius for greater job site maneuverability. The 21F and 121F offer open and limited-slip differentials, while the 221F and 321F offer open, limited-slip and 100-percent locking differentials for optimal power and traction regardless of terrain. The new models also feature a lower cab height — up to 13 inches — which, combined with the smaller foot print, makes these new models easier to load and transport.

Maintenance-Free Tier 4 Final Solution Meeting Tier 4 Final standards, the new compact wheel loaders employ a particulate matter catalyst solution in conjunction with the machines cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) engine. This solution is made up of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flow-through filter, and does not require filter replacement. The DOC converts emissions into neutral gasses. The remaining particulate matter then passes through to the high-efficiency flow-through filter where it is stored and burned off.

Improved Controls Provide Simplified Operation All new F-series compact wheel loaders feature exclusive new electronic controls for boom and bucket functionality that provide increased precision and reduced operator fatigue compared to mechanical controls. Using simple rocker switches and control dials, operators can increase engine speed and operating parameters without affecting travel speed. This allows for improved performance and productivity with attachments, such as a cold planers or brooms, which require low travel speed and high RPM’s. All four machines also feature Creep Mode, Return to Dig and CASE’s Automatic Ride Control feature, a function previously reserved for larger equipment, which engages at elevated speeds to reduce spillage and machine looping.

Attachment Versatility = Application Versatility Offering either standard auxiliary hydraulics or a high-flow option, the 221F and 321F models provide the option of increased power for auxiliary attachments that require greater flow, such as grinders and planers. Further, a new horizontal pin coupler gives users the ability to use a greater range of attachments.

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