Decorative Edger

The Anglia Edger provides decorative edges to paver patios, driveways, and walkways. It stands 8-in. tall and comes in a variety of colors and lengths.. It is installed at the paver’s base to provide a clean, raised edge. The product has a chiseled finish and is beveled on its ends to create curves and angles easily.

Oldcastle/Belgard Hardscapes. 800-899-8455.

Rechargeable LED Light Stick

This portable and wireless LED light stick has an integrated magnetic mounting system to provide a weatherproof light. The WL-LED-12-M rechargeable trouble light is equipped with 60 LEDs and can light a space up to 25 ft. long and 20 ft. wide. It provides four hours of light on a single charge.

Larson Electronics. 600-369-6671.

Portable Office

Featuring a WATCHMAN 5 lock system, a locking storage hatch and vault-style hinges, the Field Station Model 119-01 acts like an onsite office. It’s equipped with a 14 gauge steel bottom, multiple pass through grommets, multiple shelves, and 4-way skids.

Knaack LLC. 800-456-7865.

Air Compressors

The CAS45R and CAS60R rotary screw air compressors offer a rated capacity of 45 cfm at 150 psi while the CAS40P reciprocating model provides air delivery of 60 cfm at 150 psi. The CAS45R and CAS60R are single-staged and feature a hydraulic after cooler. The CAS40P is a two-stage and is equipped with a four- cylinder compressor.

IMT. 641-923-3711.

Angle Grinders

These small angle grinders maintain speed under load for optimal performance and productivity. The Electric Advantage includes overload protection to increase motor life, a line lock-out to prevent automatic startup after power loss, and an electronic clutch to prevent bind-up. Available in 18 different sizes, they will be available this summer.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 800-729-3878.

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