Fortifiber Building Systems Group introduces Fortifiber Primer, a polymer emulsion based primer specially formulated to be compatible with all Fortifiber products. Quick drying and solvent-free, it’s designed to provide a high level of tack on vertical surfaces. “When installing self-adhesive flashing, good adhesion is essential,” noted Patrick Maye, Fortifiber’s Technical Services Manager. “Substrate materials, surface contamination and low temperature conditions can all interfere with proper adhesion. A primer is sometimes needed to help the self-adhesive flashing material bond to the substrate.”

Fortifiber Primer works with masonry, concrete, OSB, most water-resistive weather barriers, non-treated wood, drywall, metal and fiberglass mat gypsum board, including DensGlass. Easily applied by spray, brush or roller, it’s water-based, so there are no harsh solvents. It also has low VOC content, at less than 50 grams per liter.

Fortifiber Primer integrates with Fortifiber’s complete system of flashing products and accessories, Moistop Sealant® and their entire line of weather-resistive barriers to form a comprehensive weatherization system that protects homes and buildings from moisture intrusion problems.

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