Sturdy waterproofing barrier

Fabricated from resin-modified, UV-resistant thermoplastic, Jamflash is a semi-rigid, 40 mil.-thick extruded flashing product. It resists jobsite exposure, and will last the lifetime of a building. Jamflash is compatible with sealants and self-adhering flashing materials and is easily cut to required lengths. It is available in 8-, 10-, and 12-feet standard or custom lengths. Exo-Tec Manufacturing Inc. 781-344-9794.

Copper flashing

The Flash Vent copper fabric flashing drainage system eliminates the need for mortar deflection netting and drip edges. The environmentally friendly and compatible, non-asphaltic copper fabric flashing has a proprietary wicking fabric that draws moisture out of the wall through the mortar joint. It is easy to install and does not clog when covered with mortar. York Manufacturing Inc. 800-551-2828.

Composite thru-wall flashing

CCW-705-TWF 40 mil.-thick composite thru-wall flashing serves as a moisture barrier for flashing applications. It consists of a self-adhering, rubberized asphalt membrane that is laminated to a cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene film, providing enhanced damage resistance to cuts, punctures, and tears. The membrane with split-release liner is adhered directly to the substrate, preventing moisture from migrating behind the flashing. Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing Inc. 800-527-7092.

Commercial-grade performance

Blueskin WB Window & Door Flashing Membrane is an engineered polyolefin film laminated to a rubberized asphalt compound that brings commercial-grade performance to the light commercial, residential building, and retrofit markets. It is a non-permeable, air and water barrier membrane with an all-weather adhesive compound. Blueskin WB is easily applied in a variety of weather conditions. Henry Co. 800-486-1278.

Prevent water penetration

The Hyload Cloaked Flashing System features a surface-adhered membrane with drip, and preformed corners and end dams. Use the membrane with soft joints at relief angles or where sealants will come in contact with the drip edge area of the flashing membrane. The system is UV-stable and compatible with urethane and silicone sealants. Hyload Inc. 800-457-4056.

Adhesive thru-wall flashing

Use TW-Thru Wall Flashing membrane with concrete, masonry, gypsum sheathing, foam insulation, or wood wall construction. The flashing is a flexible 40-mil. sheet membrane consisting of self-adhering rubberized asphalt, a removable treated release film, and a high-density 8-mil. polymer film as the top surface. It is available in 12-, 18-, 24-, and 36-in. widths. Tamko Building Products Inc. 800-641-4691.

Preformed corners

IPCO preformed end dams, inside and outside corners protect against moisture infiltration. The preformed corners eliminate the time-consuming and difficult cuts, folds, flaps, and patching required when creating corners on the jobsite. The flashing membrane overlaps the preformed corners, forming a continuous moisture barrier. It is available in 30- and 40-mil. self-adhesive rubberized asphalt, copper, or stainless steel.Illinois Products Corp. 800-383-8183.

Lightweight thru-wall flashing

Copper Sealtite 2000 is a lightweight copper thru-wall flashing. It consists of a 3- or 5-oz. copper sheet laminated between two layers of dense fiberglass fabric. The flashing has a non-asphaltic adhesive which makes it compatible with installations that require any type of latex sealant. Advanced Building Products Inc. 800-252-2306.

Save labor costs

The Blok-Flash system can significantly save the time and labor costs of installing step-flashing. It eliminates the need for 4-in. architectural CMU and mold change costs. Lightweight Blok-Flash pans install swiftly onto the foundation or first course of CMU, forming a strong bond. The pans capture moisture and expel it through integrated weep-spouts. Mortar Net USA. 800-664-6638.

Extra moisture protection

Use Metal Dowel Caps for added protection to prevent the ingress of water in cavity walls, copings, and parapet applications where metal flashing is penetrated. They are made with the same material as the metal flashing, and are either glued or soldered before stone or masonry is installed. Krando Metal Products Inc. 610-543-4311.

Copper laminate flashing

With high corrosion resistance, minimum maintenance requirements, and good economy, copper laminate flashing is ideal for all commercial projects. Quality copper flashings offer reliable protection for the life of the structure. Options include: Copper Fabric Flashing, Coated Copper Flashing, Copper Kraft Duplex Flashing, and Copper Fabric NA Flashing. Sandell Construction Solutions. 800-283-3888.