The Flash Trac Flashing System is the answer to many of the headaches that may come with installing masonry veneer to exterior walls with spray-foam insulation! The Flash Trac utilizes a flashing wall bracket that is placed on the wall prior to the application of spray foam insulation. The wall bracket remains on the wall until the brick or block is to be laid. The flashing is inserted into the receiver of the wall bracket AFTER the spray-foam insulation has been applied and the retaining rod holds it securely. This process allows for an even coat of spray-foam insulation to be applied without damaging the flashing. The Flash Trac Flashing System is effective, easy to install, and minimizes mistakes!

System Advantages: • Installs easily and saves time.
• No need to apply membrane until masons ready to lay brick.
• Membrane is not installed in advance and subjected to wind, weather, or other incidental damage that is
common on a jobsite.
• Installs straight and evenly, which helps to eliminate potential peaks and valleys when spray-foam insulation
is applied.
• No repair or adjustments needed prior to brick being laid.
• Allows membrane to perform as intended and reduces mistake.
• Allows spray-foam operator to work unobstructed or impeded by the membrane.

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