More and more masonry contractors, builders, and architects are realizing the importance of simplifying flashing installation. The cost savings realized with light gauge, prefabricated Cop-R-Corners and End Dams add up quickly, and the watertight integrity they provide is invaluable.

These flashing products offer several advantages.

  • Dimensions are adjustable for varying CMU joint heights with a generous flange width to fit 1-in. or 2-in. cavity walls and various exterior brick widths.
  • Available in two-piece sets for either an inside or outside corner; universal end dams are sold separately.
  • Asphalt coated at all soldered seams and flanges for better mortar bonding and a watertight seal.
  • Unique, folded fabrication process minimizes solder joints and ensures waterproofing integrity.
  • Meets flashing manufacturer's specifications requiring prefabricated corner assemblies.
  • Compatible standard 5-oz copper weight that lasts the life of the structure.
  • Easy to handle and trim in the field to fit most any condition.
  • Saves valuable field fabrication time and results in significant cost savings, while assuring the job gets done right.

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Peel-and-seal tape covers several surfaces

Flashband is a peel-and-seal flashing tape that instantly and permanently forms flashings over a variety of construction surfaces. The self-adhesive tape comes with a weather-resistant aluminum veneer bonded to a sticky waterproof base. The product is available in two finishes — shiny aluminum and graphite gray — and comes in 33-ft rolls and widths ranging from 2 in. to 28 in.

Copper serves as alternative to lead

YorkShield 106 HP copper flashing is an alternative to lead for chimney flashing at a comparable price. The flashing is easy to work with and flexible to conform to any surface, and can handle direct exposure to the elements. The strong poly backing provides extra puncture and tear resistance.

Product cuts time and labor in half

TotalFlash combines the “best practices” of modern moisture-control – plus the installation adhesive and hardware –into pre-cut, pre-assembled panels of flexible flashing. The product installs twice as fast as ordinary moisture-control details, which slashes time and labor by 50% or more. Built-in features of the flashing include a termination bar, no-clog drainage matte, vertical edge dam, no-clog weep tabs, and stainless steel drip edge.

Self-sticking flashing easy to install

For use on all types of flashing, both exposed and concealed, Copper Aqua Flash is a self-sticking composite product with a peel-and-stick feature for easy installation. It is permanently protected with a polyester film on one side and a self-adhering, self-sealing rubberized asphalt on the other. It has excellent puncture resistance, high temperature stability, and won't deteriorate from its environment.

Next generation eliminates metal drip

This system is the next generation in through-wall flashing for masonry construction. It provides three high-performance flashing membranes that eliminate the need for a metal drip. It also includes 3-D preformed shapes that eliminate detailing of corners and end dams. The membranes are available in four mortar-matching colors and have excellent UV and ozone resistance.

Flashing made from recycled rubber

Rubber-Seal flashing is manufactured with 40% recycled tire crumb rubber, and is resilient to temperature changes up to 220° F so it won't flow, leach, or drip. Its 40-mil-thick rubber membrane has an adhesive backing that bonds to surfaces, providing a watertight seal without using additional adhesives, bonding agents, or heat. Simply remove the polymeric release paper and press it in place.

Through-wall version protects against moisture

CCW-705 through-wall flashing provides protection against moisture in cavity wall construction. The self-adhered product consists of a 32-mil rubber-modified asphalt adhesive laminated to an 8-mil cross-laminated film that provides high strength and dimensional flexibility. It is easy to install on concrete or masonry, and seals around fastener penetrations.