Innovative Nano-Technology Provides Long Lasting Protection

Eco-friendly Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer is an innovative, unique polymer that incorporates sub-micro nano-particles to penetrate concrete and masonry substrates. This unique polymer creates a clear internal membrane within the substrate matrix that is not only waterproof from the surface, but also breathable and impervious to salts and chlorides. Available in clear or tinted formulas, Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer provides long-lasting protection against water, mold and mildew stains. This product is water-based, non-flammable and is safe for the environment. The integrated nano-particles do not expose people, animals, fish, or plant life to harmful toxins.

The advanced technology of Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer penetrates surfaces and forms a superior barrier inside the surface. As it cures it forms an interior membrane that prevents water from infiltrating through the surface. Unlike the reactive types of sealers, Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer will not evaporate during application or curing allowing maximum penetration deep into the substrate. Although beading may be less evident, this is the ideal application for the longest-term protection. Other waterproofers which merely sit on top of the surface will show beading but wear away more quickly, requiring regular re-application.

No need for protective clothing and respirators!

Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer is a must for suppliers of masonry supplies such as brick, block, stone, granite and tile.  Not only is it completely safe to customers, it has superior performance characteristics.

Contractors and retail customers no longer have to wear protective clothing or a respirator, nor do they have to cover up windows, plants, grass and adhere to the many precautions when applying chemical-based products.

Historical Home? Love Your Landscaping? – No Problem!

No one wants mold and mildew in their home. One homeowner found mold in the closets and on various walls throughout their historical brick home, along with peeling paint. Forta-Kote™ Multi-Surface Waterproofer was spray applied in two coats to the exterior of their home. The homeowner was delighted with the non-toxic product because there was no need to cover mature plantings, grass, windows and metal flashing. The product was safe, easy to apply and very effective. 

Since the application of Forta-Kote™ Multi-Surface Waterproofer, they have not had any mold or mildew issues. Forta-Kote™ Multi-Surface Waterproofer has stopped rain and moisture from penetrating the brick and mortar.

Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer – Your Smart & Safe Solution

Forta-Kote Multi-Surface Waterproofer is a high-performance toxin-free, water-based, sealer that exceeds eco-requirements while providing long lasting protection to your concrete and masonry surfaces. 

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