The RT250 is a great addition to the innovative RT Series compact track loader line from Gehl. With an operating capacity of 2,500 lbs. (at 35% tipping capacity) and a Tier IV engine, the RT250 offers additional capacity while providing the same industry-exclusive features equipment owners have come to expect from Gehl compact track loaders. The RT250 compact track loader is equipped with a powerful 74.3 hp (55.4 kW) Tier IV emissions compliant Deutz turbo-diesel engine. The RT250 delivers 243 ft.lbs. (330 Nm) of torque and up to 14,317 lbs. (6494 kg) of tractive effort, resulting in better traction and stronger digging forces. In addition, the Deutz TD 3.6 engine does not require any fuel after-treatments or periodic regeneration, which means less downtime for routine maintenance on the jobsite. The high-torque engine on the RT250 also features AntiStall technology which senses machine load electronically and continuously monitors and adjusts the hydrostatic drive pump displacements to manage available engine horsepower and torque.

This optimizes machine performance during heavy-duty cycles, but does not allow the engine to stall, resulting in faster cycle times and less wear and tear on the engine, battery and starter. The RT250 compact track loader features the industry-exclusive IdealTraxTM Automatic Track Tensioning System. This system eliminates manual track tensioning and increases the life of the tracks, sprockets and bearings, due to the relief of track tension when the engine is shut off. The IdealTraxTM system saves the suggested 10-15 minute track tension checks that are recommended every 50 hours and the 30-45 minute tension readjustments required approximately every 300-400 hours depending on useage. By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent. Straight tracking allows the operator to make tracking adjustments to keep the machine on a straight path at all times. The operator can control straight tracking from the cab, eliminating unnecessary servicing. The extra-large, state-of-the art operator’s station on the RT250 compact track loader is designed for optimal operator comfort and maximum productivity. The joystick controls are mounted directly to the suspension seat frame, allowing them to move with the operator as the machine travels. This significantly reduces operator fatigue, enhances comfort in even the most adverse conditions and allows precise control for performing delicate tasks.

Controls, armrests, restraint bar and foot pod depth are adjustable to accommodate any size operator. Complicated gauges and cluttered dash readouts are eliminated with a customizable, easy-to-use multi-function display that incorporates all warning/operation lights. With the use of a single button, operators can page through the various screens that show all the machine’s vitals, from engine and transmission performance to controller communication faults. This display also provides access to the configuration screen to gain access to the standard “5x5” Drive Control System settings and other optional performance settings. The new RT250 compact track loader features a welded, dedicated track loader chassis, unlike a skid loader chassis with bolt-on track assemblies found on most competitors’ machines. The single chassis weldment design has been a standard feature on Gehl compact track loaders and will remain an important part of the RT Series design. Years of market experience have proven that a dedicated track system outperforms any other design.

The lift arm on the RT250 is designed for optimal visibility, strength and capacity. The simple “in-line” design increases structural integrity by eliminating the complex geometry and welding found on many competitive “offset” lift arm designs. Additional reach and increased dump height result in more efficient load placement and overall performance. Ease of serviceability is important; the RT250 was designed with this in mind. A large rear hood and swing-out door provides easy access to the engine service points. The ROPS/FOPS easily tilts back on gas-spring assist cylinders providing best-in-class access to the hydraulic components and electronics on the machine. Additionally, the patented foot pod tilts forward out of the way for quick and easy cleanout and access to the fuel tank and hydraulic components. Service performed on the undercarriage track system has been made virtually tool-free with the Automatic Track Tensioning System. With the flip of a switch and removal of a simple lock-plate, the tracks de-tension and can be easily removed to allow access to the undercarriage track system.