Atlas Copco QAC 1200 generators produce 1 megawatt of predictable power. They can be used in prime power or critical standby applications in a multitude of industries, including construction, mining, and oil and gas. Operators also can parallel as many as 16 QAC 1200 generators for greater dependability, versatility and reduced fuel consumption.

The generators feature plug-and-play technology that allows users to connect the units with a single cable. Once this is done, they can connect the power cables to a common bus, set the desired parameters, and the generators automatically synchronize. This enables the units to automatically power down or up, depending on the load requirement, which helps save fuel. In addition to reduced fuel consumption, paralleled QAC 1200s provide more dependable power than multi-megawatt generators. Relying on a single multi-megawatt generator for primary power puts the worksite and budget at risk if an outage occurs. By comparison, running multiple, 1-megawatt generators that are paralleled keeps power supplied to tools and machinery even if one unit goes offline.

Atlas Copco engineers the QAC 1200 into custom, 20-foot enclosures with the same footprint and form factor as ISO containers. This ensures the units are structurally sound and can accommodate features that would otherwise weaken the integrity of standard shipping containers such as larger openings for maintenance access and control panels on the outside. The enclosure also helps minimize engine noise to 75 dBA at 23 feet, which makes it an ideal generator for sound-sensitive applications near hospitals, museums and schools.

Atlas Copco also offers optional cold-weather packages for the QAC 1200 generators. They include alternator heaters, coolant heaters and battery chargers to ensure dependable starts and operations in cold climates.

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