The patent pending Batt Screed 6000 offers unparalleled mobility, precision, and efficiency to contractors of all sizes. With an ever fluctuating economy and variable labor market, contractors are constantly looking to increase production without losing quality.

Roller screeds help move material, significantly reduce drag, and eliminate rock holes in the concrete surface while being operated from an upright standing position. The Batt Screed 6000 offers all the advantages of a standard roller screed while maintaining a lightweight, mobile, and versatile design.

The screed utilizes a rechargeable 60 volt lithium ion battery for impressive power and run time. Unlike gas, electric, and hydraulic roller screeds, the Batt Screed 6000 eliminates exhaust fumes, power cords, and hydraulic power sources while offering comparable results. Designed for quick assembly and break down, the single pin connection on both ends of the screed allows the operator to remove the tube from the handles in less than a minute. This enables easy transport between different areas of a jobsite. The removable ends can be quickly installed in tubes from three feet to 22 feet long. With all these advantages, the Batt Screed 6000 is the system of choice for projects ranging from elevated floor pours to small decorative patios.

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