From production to fulfillment, logistics and the jobsite, CONNEX delivers powerful analytics revealing new possibilities, unlocking additional dimensions of value, and enriching investments already made in heavy work technologies. When no longer reliant on manual or paper-based workflows, CONNEX-enabled companies gain many more automated processes, capture clear visibility into inter-company operations, and experience real-time collaboration and business intelligence tools tailored to their role in the heavy work supply chain.

CONNEX Insights are analytics derived from multiple sources, such as: IoT Devices, Telematics, Track & Trace and Jobsite Software, Mobile Devices, Order Capture and Fulfillment Technology, Production Automation, and more. The platform connects data from a variety of discrete on-premise, cloud, and third-party solutions operating across the physical supply chain and equips people to collectively work from a single version of the truth. Many-to-many collaboration is possible using a common data model in the cloud; enabling data to be enriched into actionable information and applied in Command Alkon software or presented in partner solutions.

Using a collaborative network can save construction firms a very attainable 3% productivity gain. As construction in the US is a $1.27 trillion annual business, savings could be a $38.1B stimulus package that could build 2,540 new elementary schools each year or be invested in the crumbling US infrastructure. With concrete production one of the most CO2-emitting processes, eliminating waste when pouring and delivering concrete using a collaborative network that connects project managers, haulers, and producers, could significantly reduce the carbon impact on the environment.

Construction leads all industries in total annual worker deaths and is ranked fourth highest in fatal injury rates. Falls, transportation incidents, and contacts with objects or equipment are leading causes. Using a collaborative network that automates business processes, improves communications, and eliminates paper tickets, helping to reduce injuries as workers won’t need to walk around the yard to find materials where they could possibly be hit by equipment, causing serious injury.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminate waste from the value chain
  • Break down silos between inter-enterprise groups for true collaboration
  • Integrate with all trading partners
  • Leverage network-based BI, optimization & analytics to convert data into actionable intelligence

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