From the time a mobile crane leaves the rental yard until it returns, the rental clock is ticking, costing you money. Rental rates for a crane and operator start at around $100 per hour and can exceed $500 per hour for large cranes. To get the most value for your rental dollar, it's important to select the crane carefully, schedule it efficiently and set it up for maximum performance.

Rental companies offer different types and sizes of cranes at various hourly rates. To ensure that you choose the right crane for the job, discuss your lifting needs with a representative of the rental company who can help you determine the crane type and lifting capacity required. Be sure to reserve the crane from the rental company well in advance so you get the equipment when you need it.

Coordinate crane setup, location and lifts with construction schedules and deliveries. To avoid time-consuming moving and resetting of the crane, plan the setup location carefully. Ask a representative of the rental company to visit the site and make suggestions.