Dust Vault attachment
Dust Vault attachment

Messy, dusty projects just became a whole lot neater. Workspaces and woodshops will no longer take hours to vacuum and sweep thanks to RotoZip’s Dust Vault attachment.

This game changing new attachment has the ability to capture up to 90 percent of dust and debris keeping workspaces clean, and workers productive.

• 1.Clear the floor: It will make the workshop a more efficient place to work without running into tools and an easier place to keep clean. • 2.Make a tool wall: Use wall space to organize wrenches, hammers, saws, and other hanging tools, to de-clutter other shelf space.
• 3.Compartmentalize: Kitchen and office organizers are perfect for loose items like nails, screws, and hooks, keep sizes and types separate with zip lock bags.
• 4.Clean as you go: Using the VRT1 is the best way minimize airborne dust and debris from projects as you go. Since it intakes all the mess while you work, it makes post-project cleanup a snap.


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