Though a new product, the Kenco Multilift is already making huge impacts across the construction industry. It is quickly being recognized as a staple tool from small to large-scale companies for lifting and setting concrete block, granite and similar slabs. One particular company headquartered in Truckee, California immediately recognized the Multilift's significance to meet the demands of a very unique and demanding project they acquired. An immense project required skills from some of the country's most accomplished craftsmen, and from this collaboration, Throughstone Group was born.

The bulk portion of the project entailed positioning over 750,000 pounds of basalt and granite stones, up to 2,000 pounds each, using the ancient drystone method. The original plan was to drill two holes and insert eyebolts, and then lift each block with straps. Though initially seeming to work, hundreds of tons of stone and a very tight schedule deemed it unfeasible. After calculating the enormous amount of time it would take using this method, they began to search for a more efficient process. One of the team members had seen the Multilift on the internet and suggested they try it. Project Director Jon Aguilar immediately agreed, and the group purchased two of the devices.

Upon trying them out, Aguilar confirmed, ‘We were all honestly blown away by how these lifting devices worked and how much stone they could hold and lift. We’ve been using them every day now for nearly two-and-a-half months. We attached them to excavators and sky tracks. We lifted pieces ranging from 200 to 1,400 pounds with both smooth and rough faces.’

The Multilift can be used on any lifting capable machine. It arrives ready to operate by attaching a typical shackle assembly to the built-in lifting eye. The width can be adjusted just by flipping a lever and sliding the legs to the desired position. The specially engineered ball pad assemblies pivot in all directions to match sloped surfaces. The lifting process is activated by setting the lifter down onto the block. The operator begins picking up the load, and the pads automatically grip against the surface. Once the slab is set firmly into position and tension released, the tongs relax their grip, free the load and lock in the open position primed for the next cycle. The entire action is mechanical in nature and requires no hydraulics.

Standard models of the Multilift come in 3,000 and 8,000-pound capacities. Grip ranges start at 3 inches and up – to a full 68 inches. Each fixed leg setting allows up to a five-inch variance in the width of the objects to be lifted without needing to make further adjustments. The legs can also be removed and reversed to grab concrete structures like culvert boxes from the inside out. Pad assemblies can be customized for specific job site applications such as lifting round objects. Custom grip ranges and capacities are also available.

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