High-visibility apparel offers only passive safety protection; it needs to be hit by an external source of light to be effective. The ILLUMAGEAR Halo actively illuminates workers in 360 degrees so they can be seen in all directions at all times. Workers using the Halo are more easily seen by equipment operators and passing motorists.

The Halo is portable, personal lighting built to attach to any standard hard hat. It offers four light modes, including a rotating/pulsing mode to call extra attention to the wearer and a task mode that doubles the power to the front third of the Halo, fully flooding the wearer's work area with light. The Halo's task lighting helps illuminate hazards that might result in slips, trips, or falls, eliminates shadowed areas on site, and improves work efficiency.

The Halo was built tough to survive on rough construction jobsites. It's rated IP67 to keep out dust, dirt, and water. In durability tests, a single unit continues to function after being stomped on in mud, submerged for a minute in water, smashed twice with a full toolbox, run over with a Jeep, and dropped 25 feet off a scissor lift twice.

The Halo is the ultimate safety and task light for people working in high-risk environments.

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