Topcon GLS-2000 scanning technology combined with ClearEdge3D Rithm for Navisworks software can verify that the job is right before the concrete sets – while the concrete team and materials are still onsite and corrections can be made. Contractors no longer have to wait until the concrete dries to find out whether their slab will meet flatness requirements. This helps contractors optimize labor, material, equipment use, and profits.

The workflow includes setting up a GLS-2000 laser scanner off the edge of the slab, while the crew is pouring and levelling the concrete, then executing the scan while the crew is moving to the next section – while the concrete is still wet and workable. The scan can be analyzed using Rithm for Navisworks software on the job site, quickly identifying any issues. Minutes later, the crew can patch or level any areas that are out of tolerance. This saves grinding, filling or other rework and ensures the finished slab will look uniform and meet flatness/levelness specifications from the start.


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