Increased deck space makes room for taking a tool box, pressure washer or portable generator out on the job. Designed and built to be put to daily use, the MWT500 water trailer offers maneuverability and features a powerful Tsurumi two-inch centrifugal pump and a 500-gal. tank that offers multiple fill options from sources such as a hydrant, pond or hose with an estimated three to four-minute fill time.

Trailers can be used for a variety of job site applications, from cement cutting, construction site dust control, to landscaping and comes equipped with a high-performance Honda 4 hp, four-stroke engine.

The water trailer features a 3 in. tow ring with adjustable hitch height and hydraulic brakes for easy towing; steel fenders and side skirts; a four-sided, fender-mounted storage hose bin with secure adapter for convenient transport and storage; and components equipped with either galvanized steel, powder coated steel, zinc, aluminum, brass, PVC, rubber or polyethylene.

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