Every worker is unique and so is their hearing risk. With Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) remaining so widespread, a mere estimate of average noise exposure levels is not enough to protect an individual worker. Honeywell’s latest hearing conservation offering enables us all to work together to provide every worker with a truly personalized noise exposure and monitoring solution.

Honeywell’s new VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution (VSHS) is a continuous personal noise exposure monitoring solution that attempts to provide visibility of individual workers’ actual noise exposure and protection levels, with web and mobile application data services wirelessly linked to Honeywell VeriShield 300 Series headsets. The VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution provides safety professionals with accurate, real-time insights enabling them to make data-driven decisions to reduce the risk of NIHL. Workers are also empowered to take responsibility for their personal noise exposure, thanks to headset audiovisual and mobile application based alerts.

With Honeywell as their partner in the fight against NIHL, safety managers and workers may go the extra mile to protect every individual.

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