Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc., a leading earth moving and material handling equipment manufacturer, recently introduced their R35Z-9 compact excavator. This state of the art earthmoving machine is nimble yet still provides plenty of power to get the job done. The R35Z-9 is ideal for tight, confined job sites such as urban and residential settings as well as sensitive landscapes.

The R35Z-9 has an operating weight of 8,050 lbs (3,650 kg) and is powered by a reliable, fuel efficient 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) Tier 4 Certified Yanmar 3TNV88 engine. The R35Z-9 boasts a dig depth of 10’4” (3,150 mm) a bucket digging force of 7,050 lbf (31.4 kN) and bucket capacity of 3.78 cubic feet (.107 cubic meters). The R35Z-9 offers a tail-swing radius of 2’10” (870 mm), allowing for efficient operation on sites where space is limited.

R35Z-9 Operating Weight lbs (kg) 8,050 (3,500)
Bucket Breakout Force lbf, SAE(kN) 6,280 (27.9)
Maximum Dig-Depth ft (mm) 10’4” (3,150)
Engine hp (kW) 26.5 (19.8)
Bucket Capacity cubic feet (cubic meters) 3.78 (.107)

Hyundai designed the R35Z-9’s hydraulic system to give the user super-fine touch and top-level controllability, allowing the excavator to be agile and accurate while operating in congested areas. Optimized matching between the joystick and main control valve improves control and smoothness of operation. An arm flow summation system provides energy savings, reduced cavitation and increased speed. To improve safety and avoid boom drift the R35Z-9 is equipped with an integrated boom holding system.

The R35Z-9 features a fully customizable operator’s station allowing the end-user to set their operating preferences to meet their individual needs. Some of these customizable options include an easily adjustable seat and wrist rest settings, foldable pedals that provide increased floor space and ergonomically located left and right control levers for convenient access. The monitoring system of the R35Z-9 provides the operator with machine status information including engine oil pressure, battery charge, engine coolant temperature and a fuel gauge.

Reliability is improved and maintenance costs are reduced on the R35Z-9 compact excavator. The addition of lubricated bushings has extended lube intervals throughout the attachment to 250 hours and polymer shims resist wear and reduce noise. Extended-life hydraulic filters (1,000 hours) and long-life hydraulic oil (5,000 hours) are also provided to maximize service life and reduce downtime.

Regular service and maintenance is easy on the R35Z-9 with doors, covers and hoods built for complete open access. A centralized lubrication bank and easy change air cleaner are also available for faster and easier servicing.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc.

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