The Beacon LED Tower Light by Lind Equipment is versatile, portable, and affordable. The Beacon LED Tower offers the lighting power expected from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, in an unexpected package. Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable, the tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability.

Contractors no longer need a large, expensive, high maintenance tow-behind generator light tower. The Beacon LED Tower puts out the same light levels as a generator light tower, while using 80% less electricity. Two Beacon LED Towers can be plugged into a single 15A outlet, or a small 1000W generator. The Beacon LED Tower comes standard with an external fuel tank (inside the cabinet), which supplements the run time of a small generator to about 45 hours. Whether running off external power or a small generator, the Beacon LED Tower is whisper-quiet.

Weighing just over 300 pounds with the lights, the tower can be moved by one person, and easily lifted by a few. The unit also includes forklift guides on the chassis, and lifting points on the corners, to avoid manual lifting. Two Beacon LED Towers fit in the back of a standard-sized pick-up truck, and one is small enough to fit through a doorway.

Despite its compact size, the tower will perform no matter what tough work environment its in. From extra-thick mast cables to wheels that can support the weight of a fishing boat the Beacon LED Tower is equipped with strength.All this, and the Beacon LED Tower is incredibly easy to service. There are no engines to maintain, and no bulbs to change. Just clean off the mud, and it’s ready for the next project.

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