Arcoro’s cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to deliver crucial training opportunities to employees in a manner that is consistent with company goals and culture. Administrators can offer a variety of digital learning opportunities based on the employee or department, job code and/or location, the desired outcome and the available resources. Arcoro’s LMS has the flexibility to allow for various training methods so administrators can select the best fit for their employees.

With the explosion of mobile technology and smart devices, the learning and development industry has seen an increase in microlearning capabilities. The Arcoro LMS supports microlearning through short training courses that focus on skill-building and can be completed on a mobile device. If the course is intended to build an employee’s skills or provide a quick lesson, the administrator can choose to embed a short video created in-house or found on a public video sharing site. To complement these microlearning capabilities, the LMS is equipped with an auto-complete function that indicates a course is complete requiring no further administrative interaction.

If a course is created to satisfy government and/or company regulations, published courseware will deliver training that is structured and all-encompassing. Our platform supports any of the standard eLearning courseware formats including SCORM, AICC, xAPI and more. If a course is authored in-house, administrators will have full access to the functionality of these various formats and can also purchase courseware from a third party. This allows for a more customized, multi-faceted learning culture.

Once a course is created, functions can be added to the course requiring employees to view and sign documents and acknowledge they understand and have completed their training. This can be used in a variety of ways, from digitally signing a Harassment Prevention Policy after completing a harassment prevention course, to providing a signed acknowledgment of an employee handbook following a new hire orientation course.

Administrators can package their courses into complete Learning Plans and design how courses are ordered to grow an employee’s skillset and automate the process of assigning courses in bulk.

The flexibility of Arcoro’s LMS makes it very easy for organizations to cover training needs ranging from highly regulated compliance courses to employee-centric skill development courses. The LMS maintains rigid adherence to the tracking and reporting that every HR professional needs to stay compliant and achieve organizational goals.


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