Connect the LED Jobsite product suite via daisy-chained cable and triple-tap outlets for energy-efficient reusable lighting in any pattern you need. The four fixtures exceed military-grade drop-test standards and, with IP65 weatherproof ratings, withstand jobsite abuse. The Beacon360 Blaze replaces stringlights or high bay lights and illuminates 2,500 square feet.

Attach the Beacon360 Trek to tripods, floor stands, magnets, and clamps to cast light in a complete circle and upward. Plug and unplug the Beacon360 Spark into a main circuit run through hallways to light rooms; no more cutting and disposing of lights after you finish a section. The LE-HB120 doesn’t require an external driver, so it’s light and compact, and runs 15 lights on a 15A circuit compared to metal halide’s three lights. Its 2-inch profile provides more headroom for floor traffic, increasing safety.

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