The ScaffoldBench is a no-tool assembly, multi-purpose unit. The Baker Scaffold has a 1,100 lb capacity that reaches up to 12 feet high and is stackable up to 3 units, for a maximum reach of 24 feet. It can also be used as a storage shelving unit; one shelf is included, with the option to purchase additional shelving. By repositioning the deck to the lower position, the ScaffoldBench can also be used as a utility cart that is capable of carrying heavy loads.

The reversible feature includes a saw bench on the other side. It comes equipped with rails and four universal brackets that fit all miter saws. Work supports can be repositioned anywhere along the rail, with an easy-to-adjust lever. The upper side frames can be removed to gain full access to the workbench. The T-shaped material supports also serve as blocks to make identical cuts.


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