It’s the largest of its kind and offers exceptional horizontal, vertical and overhead reach as high as 23 feet. The 710V comes with Aquajet’s ceramic nozzles, and the design makes it suitable for a variety of concrete removal tasks, such as renovation and bridge and road repair.The Aqua Cutter 710V uses 14,500- to 40,000-psi water jets to remove as much as 35 cubic feet per hour of concrete. Contractors adjust the robot’s stroke to control the depth of cuts and vary the pressure of the water jet depending on whether they are removing loose, deteriorated concrete or lowering the sound concrete to a pre- determined depth. Using the unit’s radio remote control, operators can control the 710V from a safe distance either wirelessly or with a hard wire. The remote communicates with the robot’s wheeled power control module.

Contractors use Aquajet’s unique cutting head, extended reach and its multi-axis, 3D positioning system to efficiently operate on all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas that would be difficult to get at with other equipment. This includes straight up and down work, such as renovating walls, shafts and furnaces. In addition, the 710V easily removes concrete in corners that would be difficult to access with hand tools.

Contractors can add an Aquajet Hybrid Kit, which easily attaches to a diesel-powered Aqua Cutter robot for electric operation in applications where diesel engines are not allowed, such as parking garages, inside buildings or in other urban environments. The kit uses an intelligent system to automatically disengage the onboard diesel engine.

The 710V robot fits into Aquajet Systems’ 23-foot Power Packs. The large metal containers include a high pressure Hammelmann pump, large capacity diesel engine and control system, with a convenient storage area for the robot.

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