Portable water source is a solution for job sites in remote or drought-stricken regions.

Makita has released a new 2.6 Gallon Pressurized Water Tank (model 988-394-610) engineered to meet the growing demand for better dust management during concrete cutting applications, particularly in remote or drought-stricken regions.

Portable and Easy to Operate
The new Pressurized Water Tank has an easy-to-operate hand pump that provides 44 to 74 PSI (or 3 to 5 atmospheres of water pressure), and the pop-up indicator tells the user when adequate pressure has been reached. It has a durable and lightweight poly-carbonate construction, with a mountable base that provides increased stability. It connects directly to water supply kits using the quick-release coupling on Makita gas power cutters, so it’s ideal for controlling dust while making cuts. It also includes a nozzle that adjusts from mist to spray.

Ideal Power Cutter Accessory
The new Pressurized Water Tank is an ideal accessory for concrete cutting, and Makita offers a power cutter for every user need:
• For superior power-to-weight ratio, the 14" EK7301 delivers a full 5.1 HP with a powerful 73 cc. engine, yet weighs only 22 lbs.
• For the lowest weight in the category, the 14" EK6101 weighs only 19 lbs. with little loss in power for users making overhead or repeated cuts.
• Users who require added cutting capacity can turn to the 16" EK8100 with an 81cc engine and a cutting depth of 5-3/4".
• For a full range of features and convenience, the 14" MM4™ 4-stroke engine EK7651H combines the economy and convenience of no fuel mixing with ease-of-use features like lower noise and vibration, faster and easier starts, and a retractable aluminum wheel kit for improved ergonomics on long straight cuts.

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