The Mayfair Shopping Mall is an exclusive mall located in Coconut Grove, Fla., near Miami. The changing character and lifestyle of the neighborhood prompted the owners to do a little remodeling. A three-story department store was converted into a night spot with the construction of a Planet Hollywood and a 10-screen movie theater. At 11 feet, 6 inches above the third floor, the existing roof of the building was too low to accommodate the movie screens. The existing roof either had to be demolished and rebuilt or raised. Time constraints and site conditions opposed demolition so the roof was raised 10 feet, 8 inches to a new height of 22 feet, 2 inches above the third-floor slab. The contract to lift the roof was awarded to Liftplate International Inc., Miami. Shoring was not possible, so the lifting mechanism, consisting of two sleeves with telescoping lift posts, was mounted on each column. The 18-inch-high sleeves were fastened to the columns 6 feet, 5 inches above the floor using epoxy-grouted threaded rods. The lifting equipment, suspended from each sleeve by two threaded rods was designed to climb on the rods, pushing the lifting post upward. Four 25-ton hydraulic cylinders provided the lifting force at each column. The cylinders were powered by electric/hydraulic pumps located at each of the 37 lifting points.