RB398 Rebar Tying Tool
RB398 Rebar Tying Tool

MAX USA CORP. announces the availability of their New RB398 Rebar Tying Tool to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The New RB398 is replacing the MAX RB397. This exciting new tool is capable of tying rebar up to #6 x #5 and also double #4 x double #4. This extraordinary new tool is an incredible labor saving device capable of reducing costs up to 1/5th of current budgets. The MAX Rebar Tier quickly pays for itself and then turns over a profit in no time.

The MAX RB398 tying times per charge was increased by more than 30%, to an incredible 2600 ties per charge. MAX was able to achieve this performance with our new 4.0 Ah 14.4v lithium-ion battery. The life of the twisting motor is also extended by introducing a brushless motor.

The simple operation of the RB398 helps reduce medical costs. Muscular skeletal injuries are greatly reduced when workers use the rebar tools instead of tying by hand. Published NIOSH report (HEATA #2003-0146-2976) and the Canadian Safety Association of Ontario Final Report (WSIB Grant #01023) both support these statements.

The RB398 also features a trigger lock, torque adjustment dial, reversible belt hook, carrying case, automatic shut-off when tool is not in use and comes standard with charger and battery pack. RB398 is used with MAX 21Ga. TW898 series.


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