The major advancement on the S-22EZ is the incorporation of a new EZ Clean Head. The EZ Clean Head includes a rolled profile on the auger support beam and pivots 90 degrees to make cleaning faster and easier than ever before. Additional enhancements include a uniform body profile, increased storage with LED lighting, LED work lights, illuminating fuse panel and oil sprayer mount.

Along with these advancements, the S-22EZ features 360° machine rotation, a 20 ft. telescopic boom, customized OASIS laser control system and Quick Grade Set. Integrated diagnostics and full-time, automatic valve calibration make operating the S-22EZ simple and keep the machine operating at optimum levels. The optional Roller Plow enhances performance when placing challenging mixes such as those with integrated fibers, large aggregate or low slump, and the Somero Floor Levelness System, which is the first technology of its kind designed to monitor Laser Screed machine performance and alert the operator of any issues in real time

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