Accelerate productivity and finish the job faster with the Hilti SDT 5 Stand Up Decking Tool System. Designed specifically for the demands of metal decking applications, the SDT 5 is the first screw fastening decking tool specifically designed to attach metal deck to thin steel supports and metal deck sidelap connections—all with one tool.

When using the Hilti SDT 5 Stand Up Decking Tool System including the Hilti Racing Tip #5 Point Screws and Sidelap Connectors (SLC), users will see reduced fastening time, improved fastening quality, and lower contact force required to make a fastening when compared to traditional methods. One complete system for the entire deck installation!

With its unique design, the SDT 5 stand up system increases productivity and operator comfort by allowing operators to work upright at all times while installing metal decking.

Hilti, Inc., www.hilti.com

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