The TC-7 Edger’s unique design gives the operator the feel of the grinder in his hands unit while maintaining a comfortable upright position. Developed for grinding along walls and other edges, it can be used for open-area grinding as well. The system is sold complete with a Metabo grinder mounted on the frame, a 7-inch 24 segment turbo cup wheel and a convertible dust shroud.

The edger was engineered so that the operator is standing right over the grinding head to see what he is doing and feel what the grinder is doing allowing him to respond to different parts of the concrete. The U-shaped frame of the TC-7 Edger keeps the wheels separated from each other enabling the operator to apply pressure to the grinding head with his left hand or to remove pressure from the grinding head by applying pressure with his right hand. The far wheel angles forward towards the grinder to prevent a tendency to tip over.

The control levers allow the operator to adjust the grinder pitch for total control. The front handle control allows for back and forth pressure to the grinding head while the rear ergonomic handle controls the vertical angle of the grinding head.

For edging applications, the operator simply lifts the convertible portion of the shroud up to grind right along the edge of a wall. A variable speed control box is available as an accessory for use in polishing applications.

U.S. Saws Surface Preparation Division
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