Few people are aware of the extensive capabilities that have been developed for cutting, grinding, grooving, and drilling or flame cutting concrete with no dust and little or no noise. Modern diamond cutting equipment also greatly reduced concrete cutting time and labor. It is dangerous to repair/cut concrete by so-called economical methods having poor workmanship that often lead to trouble.

Since powerful hand tools have become available, economical grinding of vertical concrete surfaces has become possible. Hand grinders with totally enclosed 400-hertz motors and water-cooled diamond grinding wheels can rapidly remove unwanted concrete or finish grind concrete surfaces.

Proper sealing of cracked concrete slabs has always been a problem. Now machinery has been developed that uses high speed diamond grinding wheels to grind random cracks economically. The diamond wheels on these machines turn in excess of 12,000 rpm and are capable of taking substantial side load to force the machine to follow the most irregular crack patterns. Crack grinding with this unit is economical, dust free, and fumeless and the patching of cracks after grinding is permanent.