Terex FDB6000 Front Discharge mixer truck
Terex FDB6000 Front Discharge mixer truck

Boasting a long 206-in wheelbase and 391-in (993.1-cm) front axle to hydraulic tag axle span to meet Federal Bridge Formula standards, the Terex FDB6000 Front Discharge mixer truck now features barrel paddles inside the 11-yd3 mixer drum’s rear to minimize concrete clumping. This improves mix consistency and the quality of concrete delivered to the jobsite.

New LED daytime running headlamps and work lights on the FDB6000 mixer truck help to improve truck visibility during the daytime hours as well as at night. It’s new 360° video camera records and stores video from the truck’s perimeter and makes entering/exiting a jobsite much easier. Inside the truck’s spacious cab, drivers will appreciate the new heated and adjustable seat that improves operator comfort and efficiency. From inside the cab, the driver can quickly fill the 200-gal aluminum water tank via the automated air/electric in-cab water-add valve.

The front fender and bumpers of the truck feature an innovative friction coating to better resist rock chips for increased component longevity. Two wide “grip” steps are incorporated into the roadside front fender to safely provide direct access to the cab. A third hanging flexible step and staircase type railing provide easy three-point cab entry for the driver.

The MTU Series 1300 diesel engine with 450 hp and 1,550 ft-lb torque powers the FDB6000 mixer truck. Multiple MTU as well as Cummins diesel and Clean CNG engine power options are available to meet customer and market needs. An Allison 6-speed automatic transmission features Smart-Control technology that improves shifting performance and increases fuel economy.

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