Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 trench roller
Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 trench roller

Wacker Neuson Adds Compaction Detection System To Trench Roller

The monitoring system is called Compatec and it takes the guess work out of determining when soil has reached the ultimate compaction results.

Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 series of trench rollers is now available with the Compatec system. A sensor located near the drums measures the vibration level and determines how much the soil has been compacted. The easy-to-read system consists of eight highly visible LEDs. The number of lights illuminating will increase with each pass and will no longer increase once maximum compaction is achieved. Compatec will also warn the operator with all eight LEDs flashing when the machine is measuring an overload or over-compaction condition.

With the RTxSC3 (Smart Control 3) the operator remains out of the trench away from the dust and noise of the machine. This innovative control technology eliminates dangerous blind spots should the unit move behind obstacles and other obstructions or should the operator get distracted, in addition the machine will stop moving and vibrating if the operator comes within three feet of the roller’s sensing eyes or releases the controller’s joysticks.

Other additions to Wacker Neuson’s trench roller series includes the a third receiving eye on top the unit which ensures continued smoother operation along the trench without interruption as it travels under shoring cross bars.

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