Select models of the new generators will also feature on-board Smart Technology that allows the user to turn on/off and monitor the fuel levels of their generator using an app on an Android or iOS device.

Westinghouse Pro Series
Designed for professional contractors, the Westinghouse Pro Series include 120/240V AC GFCI outlets and USB ports. The Pro Series start with a compact iPro2500 inverter generator that delivers 2500 peak watts. The line also includes 4000-watt, 8000-watt and 12000-watt generators. All of these units are equipped with electric start, never-flat wheels, GFCI protected control panels, and fuel gauges on the tank. The Pro8000 and Pro12000 also have an onboard data center to monitor volts, frequency and hours, as well as the addition of 120/240V 50A outlet.

Westinghouse iGen Inverter Generators
The quiet and lightweight Westinghouse iGen Inverter Generator Series includes several models, ranging from 1200 to 4500 peak watts. Delivering less than three percent total harmonic distortion (THD), iGen Inverter generators produce clean power and is safe for use on sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones. The units are highly fuel efficient compared to conventional portable generators saving users money on gasoline. Also, these units operate at volumes lower than typical conversation levels and much quieter than a traditional generator.

Westinghouse WGen Series
The open-frame generators in the Westinghouse WGen Series range from 2000-8300 running watts. These units are simple to use and dependable, making them a fit for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. The WGen6500st and WGen8300st will feature Smart Technology, are equipped with 120V, 120/240V, and USB outlets, push button start, never-flat wheels and fuel gauges on the tank. Dual Fuel units are included in the new line as well.

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