General Shale is wrapping up 2015 by launching a variety of new masonry selections and colors providing builders, architects and designers with a wide range of hue, texture and size combinations for meeting current design trends.

The Impressionist Series harnesses the aesthetics of historic brick architecture to achieve a distinct, contemporary look. Featuring longer units and shallow face heights, the Impressionist Series is available in two colors Wexford and Yorkshire, and comes in full and half units. The full-length units can be cut to any size for a multitude of design options.

The Canyon Series comes three colors Grand Canyon, Ruby Canyon and Saltcreek Canyon, this new brick series contains sweeping, cavernous-like indentations that echo the natural look of a canyon landscape.

The Denver Tudor Series provides unprecedented depth and historic character for a modern design. Offered in a Lightweight Queen size, Denver Tudor is available in four colors; Britannia Tudor, Catalina Tudor, Galveston Tudor and Mosswood Tudor.

Matterhorn is manufactured almost entirely from reclaimed material, which creates a darker-than-normal base material and features additional color throughout the stone. Available in two stone sizes and two colors Blueridge and Saddle, Matterhorn is a combination of guillotined and tumbled textures that are suitable for either traditional or modern home designs.

General Shale

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